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KMS Technology

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

About KMS Technology

  • Technology

What it does: KMS is a product engineering and services firm with advancement and testing centres in Vietnam and the USA.

Best known for being one of Vietnam’s leading providers of software development, testing and consulting services. 

Staff stats: 501-1000 employees in Vietnam and the USA.

The good bits: high career growth opportunities, collaborative workspaces, modern and well-equipped meeting rooms, open communication, and quick promotions.

The not so good bits: less pay when starting out, heavy workloads, tight deadlines.

The KMS Technology story

Founded in 2009, KMS Technology Vietnam has successfully delivered its services to hundreds of software houses, helping them execute cutting-edge software development practices. Their customer base has driven $1.9 billion in value from procurement and financial buyouts. KMS Technology is a worldwide outsourcing firm, with solid roots in Vietnam. They genuinely pride in their heritage and firmly believe this creates real value for their customers. 

Recruitment process

Applications are available both in-house and online. After the application stage, the KMS HR personnel will call to organise an online exam or job description related presentation and give applicants various challenges to test their skills. Following this, successful, short-listed applicants are called for a final interview. 

The interview’s aim is to get to know the applicant, their education, goals, and plans, along with informing them about their relevant salary and the perks offered by KMS, if successful. 

Finally, an official formal letter is sent, and the onboarding process along with orientation for new employees takes place to help them become familiar with the entire KMS Technology environment and other co-workers.

Career prospects

KMS Technology recruits on an on-going basis and also offers internships and management trainee programs for CS and IT students. Having sound technical proficiency, being hard-working, creative, and enthusiastic are the critical skills required to thrive in a fulfilling environment like KMS. Being a people-first company, they make sure that their new employees explore new ideas and push their boundaries of innovation while building strong relationships with fellow KMS employees. 


Employees at KMS can expect to earn a decent salary that is guaranteed to increase with time. Job positions such as software engineer, software developer, SQA engineer, and systems software developer, which require a minimum bachelor's degree with majors in theoretical computer-related subjects such as C++, web development; Oracle, etc. can earn graduates a starting salary in the range of 9,000USD to 18,000USD. Along with other perks and compensation offered by KMS, successful candidates receive promotional benefits within six months of joining.

The culture

Being active as well as inventive, KMS encourages creative reasoning and constant learning. KMS believes in not just empowering workers to hone their speciality, but also gives them a chance to broaden their skillset and grow as professionals. KMS also rewards its employees with generous benefits and programs such as ideal midtown location, free health benefits, happy hours and team outings, and excellent career growth opportunities.

Social contribution

Pledge 1% is a philanthropy movement devoted to encouraging every company to serve the community. As part of the program, KMS Technology is part of a network of business people and organisations globally that strive to ingrain community service into their corporate culture. These organisations pledge to give 1% of their products, equity, and profit and employee time to improve communities around the world. Another venture is Community Bucket, which is devoted to improving Atlanta by encouraging volunteerism, creating more exciting ways to meet individuals, and taking advantage of the power of crowds to create positive change. As part of the program, KMS employees have the opportunity to meet other volunteers who are passionate about technology and making a positive change in society.

The vibe of the place

KMS welcomes employees who are eager to learn. Since KMS encourages coworkers to build strong relationships among themselves, as a new employee, graduates are likely to feel comfortable in their new environment. In return, KMS expects the highest quality of work and maximum efficiency from their employees which may require long hours.

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