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Arthur Cox

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  • 500 - 1,000 employees
  • Accounting & Advisory
  • Law

What It Does: Arthur Cox channels its plethora of legal practitioners towards providing comprehensive advisory services in all aspects of corporate and business law. 

Mission: Through a bright, intuitive, and insightful workforce, Arthur Cox aims to maintain cutting-edge practices in Irish law. 

Size and Presence: Arthur Cox functions with a workforce of around 730 employees in 5 offices throughout three countries. 

Best known for: For more than a century, Arthur Cox’s diverse pull of legal talents has seen it soar effectively in all aspects of corporate and business law across various industries. 

The good bits: Arthur Cox promotes an atmosphere of growth prompting its employees to collaborate with industry leaders across the broadest and most innovative transactions. 

The not-so-good bits: Part and parcel of working with Arthur Cox are the dedicated long working hours with demanding clients.

The Arthur Cox Story 

Arthur Cox founded the Arthur Cox law firm over a century ago with a progressive mindset. The firm started via a collaboration between Arthur Cox and John McArevey in 1920. 

Through its development, the firm has maintained a hugely successful clientele having to provide consistently exceptional performances. Arthur Cox and Co. continued to grow until Arthur Cox handed leadership at the firm over to Nial McLaughlin, Daniel O’Connor, and Frank Scott in 1961. 

In 1971, Arthur Cox & Co. merged with DR Pigot & Co. growing the firm’s size and staff number. Following the turn of the 1900s, Arthur Cox & Co. changed its name to Arthur Cox and expanded into new offices and doubled in staff size as well. 

In 2017, Arthur Cox moved into a new building which has remained its headquarters to date and has housed its over 700 staff members. The firm has also become international with offices in London, New York, and San Francisco. 

Culture and Vibes 

As a company that’s stood on a progressive foundation since its inception, Arthur Cox operates with an open, honest and appropriate culture. The firm looks to explore unique situations where opportunities abound and help legal practitioners gain expertise in their ambitious career prospects. 

At Arthur Cox, every employee has a common goal to be the best in their field and enjoy a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to foster their growth. They seek only the best minds at the firm, making everyone a key partner willing to contribute to the rich diversity the firm looks to sustain. 

Recruitment Process 

Arthur Cox looks at every employer as a partner hence, they go through a recruitment process to help them acquire the best talent and those willing to learn. Graduate and internship applicants to Arthur Cox are required to submit an application form with their resume and cover letter attached. 

After completing the application stage, the hiring team at Arthur Cox looks out for talent diversity and selects candidates who suit their culture best. The selected candidates are then invited for two rounds of interviews. 

The first interview is a group interview which is debate-styled. The second interview is an individual one and helps the firm understand the candidate's experience and work history. 

Candidates who satisfactorily complete the recruitment process are offered employment roles in the firm. They are also trained on how best to integrate themselves into the company’s culture of excellence. 

Career Prospects 

At Arthur Cox, they look to maintain a culture of excellence. They ensure that every graduate and intern is offered the best training all through their career and allowed control over training that best suits them. 

Arthur Cox offers a plethora of development opportunities such as comprehensive legal and business training, personal training in classrooms and workshops, and one-on-one support. 

At different stages of the worker's career, Arthur Cox provides guiding courses to ensure optimal development in those career stages. There are also software training sessions to help employees understand the technologies the firm uses. 

Summarily, Arthur Cox provides diverse opportunities for professional growth and career improvement. 


At Arthur Cox, employees earn an average of €49,425 per year while interns earn around €25,830 annually. 


  • Training and development opportunities 
  • Onsite gym 
  • Fitness classes 
  • Sports and social clubs 
  •  Employee social events 
  • Onsite dry cleaning 
  • Health screening 
  • Travel pass scheme 
  • Barista bar 

Social Contribution 

Arthur Cox upholds its values of social responsibility by enriching the communities they operate in. In 2020, the firm began incorporating social and environmental issues into the decisions they take. They offer a range of sustainable responsibilities like; charitable activities, volunteering activities, and pro bono services. 

The firm provides free legal advisory services to refugees, non-profit organizations, and charities. They also work with NGOs where they get in touch with and represent the most exposed people in society. 

Some organizations Arthur Cox partners with include; Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association, Boardmatch, and Trinity Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities. 

Along with supporting people in the communities they operate, Arthur Cox is also committed to environmental sustainability. They actively implement strategies to neutralize scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions. 


While Arthur Cox has managed to steer clear of controversies throughout its history, it had its fair share of public coverage in 2021. A solicitor in the firm who was dismissed claimed unfair dismissal and pointed out the extremely long working hours. 
While the case was dismissed, the former solicitor of the firm aims to reopen the case and aims to get justice for how the firm treated her before her departure. 

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