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2023 Energy Management Assistant Summer Intern

Greenbelt, Remote
Join the innovation leader in Earth and climate science. At NASA, we make Air and Space available to everyone.

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Internship, Clerkship or Placement
USD 56,000 - 92,000 Prosple estimated salary
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Accepting International Applications
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Mechanical Engineering

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United States

  • Citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Full working rights
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About National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is responsible for science and technology related to the solar system. The agency was established in 1958 to give the US space development a specialized place to research the Solar System. NASA succeeded the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) which began in 1946.

Your Role

Assists GSFC Energy Manager in meeting energy initiative requirements to implement energy projects and promulgate conservation standards and energy awareness throughout the Center. Works with GSFC Energy Manager to investigate, document, analyze, and report GSFC's water and energy usage costs. Advises and recommends the implementation of energy-efficient components for mechanical and electrical systems (especially HVAC systems), and water usage. Through Center-wide outreach efforts, promotes energy and water conservation practices to each employee at Goddard.

Training, Development & Rotations

NASA Internships are competitive awards to support educational opportunities that provide unique NASA-related research and operational experiences for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students and educators. These opportunities serve students by integrating interns with career professionals emphasizing mentor-directed, degree-related tasks while contributing to the operation of a NASA facility or the advancement of NASA's missions.

Compensation & Benefits

The estimated salary range of this position is between US$56,000 - US$92,000. You'll also receive the following benefits:

  • Health & Insurance: health, dental, vision, and life insurance programs 
  • Compensation & Recognition: a comprehensive retirement plan, awards, and recognition  
  • Career & Development: tuition assistance, extensive onsite training, career counseling, and educational programs 
  • Life & Family: flexible work hours, telecommuting options, paid holidays, and annual leave 
  • Work-Life programs: employee assistance programs, family & dependent care, etc. 

Career progression

NASA is the global leader in space exploration and creates many career opportunities for people worldwide. It attracts a workforce from different nations and is more than Astronauts. The agency needs scientists, engineers, accountants, writers, technicians, human resource specialists, IT specialists, technicians, and all related roles. 

Work-life balance

The Work-Life Balance at NASA is rated a D+ putting it in the Bottom 25% of similar size companies on Comparably. 67% of NASA employees are satisfied with their work-life balance. A well-proportioned work-life balance is necessary to keep employees happy and productive.

Company culture

Since its establishment, NASA has attracted the most skilled, qualified, and experienced explorers who have a passion for science and space. With the ever-changing needs of the jobs and responsibilities, NASA has taken many steps to ensure the Agency remains well-positioned to hire the best talent. 

About you

  • Undergraduate Sophomore; Undergraduate Junior; Undergraduate Senior
  • Engineering - Mechanical

How to Apply

To apply for this position, simply click the “Apply on employer site” button on this page.


  • nasacentral.force.com
  • us.prosple.com
  • glassdoor.com
  • comparably.com
  • youtube.com

Hiring criteria

You should have or be completing the following to apply for this opportunity.

Entry pathway
Degree or Certificate
Minimum Level of Study
Bachelor or higher
Study Field
Mechanical Engineering

Working rights

The opportunity is available to applicants in any of the following categories.

CitizenPermanent residentFull working rightsLimited working rightsNo working rights
United States

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