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2023 PhD Student Researcher

Multiple Cities In US
Helping everyone in the world learn anything in the world.

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Opportunity Type
Internship, Clerkship or Placement
USD 50,580 - 76,435 Prosple estimated salary
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Applications Open
20 Sep 2022

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Accepting International Applications
Qualifications Accepted
Computer Science (all other)

Hiring criteria

Entry Pathway

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United States

  • Citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Full working rights
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About Google

Google has the mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It is best know for inventing the world’s most popular search engine. Google continues to expand its services and has become known as more than just a search engine. Some of Google’s most known brands today are YouTube, Google Chrome, Android OS, Google Drive, TensorFlow, and Google Pixel.

Your role

The Student Researcher Program’s primary objective is to foster academic collaborations with students through research at Google. Join us for a paid Student Researcher position that offers the opportunity to work directly with Google research scientists and engineers on cutting-edge research projects.

The Student Researcher Program offers more opportunities for research students to work on critical research projects at Google in a less structured way. The program allows for flexibility beyond the limitations of our traditional internship program on aspects such as duration, time commitment, and working location (with options for on-site or remote). The topics student researchers work on tend to be open-ended and exploratory, and don't always have a clear deliverable like a traditional internship would.

Google Research is building the next generation of intelligent systems for all Google products. To achieve this, we’re working on projects that utilize the latest computer science techniques developed by skilled software engineers and research scientists. Google Research teams collaborate closely with other teams across Google, maintaining the flexibility and versatility required to adapt new projects and foci that meet the demands of the world's fast-paced business needs

Training, development & rotations

Google Interns work across Google, including being part of various teams like software engineering, business, user experience, and more. With internships across the globe, we offer many opportunities to grow with us and help create products and services used by billions.

The basis of training and development at Google focuses on employee-to-employee interaction. Up to 80% of all learning activity is delivered this way. They call it g2g (Googler-to-Googler), and it’s helped create a culture that places a high value on learning. 

Salary & benefits

The average salary of a Student researcher at Google ranges from USD50,580 to USD76,435 per year.

We strive to provide Googlers and their loved ones with a world-class benefits experience, focused on supporting their physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Our benefits are based on data and centred around our users: Googlers and their families. They’re thoughtfully designed to enhance your health and well-being, and generous enough to make it easy for you to take good care of yourself (now, and in the future). So we can build for everyone, together. 

Career progression

Google has several programs available for both Bachelor’s degree students and recent university graduates. However, opportunities for the latter are quite scarce and you may be competing with people who already have full-time work experiences prior to application. 

With that being said, Google does have the following internship programs available for individuals who are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S.:

Student Researcher Internship, available only to experienced researchers who are currently enrolled in the following Bachelor’s degree programs: Computer Science, Linguistics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics, Natural Sciences, or a related technical field. 
Software Engineering Internship is available only for students who are studying software engineering or other related technical fields. 

Work-life balance

About 56% of the employees at Google work eight hours or less, while 11% of them have a very long day - longer than twelve hours. Most Google employees are satisfied with their work-life balance and do not feel burnt out.

Culture & vibe

Google’s main headquarters, called Googleplex, in the United States, is located in California’s tech company haven, Silicon Valley. 

Work here typically starts at the usual 8-hour work shift, and to get to the office, employees can choose to hop on Google’s shuttle bus that runs between San Francisco and Mountain View. While on the bus, employees can check their email by phone or even pop open their laptops since the bus has a speedy wifi connection. 

On arrival, employees can saunter over to the Google cafeteria for some breakfast. When they’re done - it’s time to work; which depending on their roles, could mean staring at lines of codes or lots of meetings, either virtually or in-person, to coordinate with people located in the same complex or halfway across the world. 

About you

  • Currently enrolled in a PhD in Computer Science, Linguistics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics, Natural Sciences, or a related technical field.
  • Experience in one area of computer science (e.g., Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Quantum Information Science, Data Science, Software Engineering, or similar).
  • I am currently attending a degree program in the US.
  • Currently enrolled in a full-time degree program and returning to the program after completion of the internship.
  • Experience as a researcher, including internships, full-time, or at a lab.
  • Experience contributing to research communities or efforts, including publishing papers in major conferences or journals.
  • Experience with one or more general-purpose programming languages, including C/C++, Java, MATLAB, Go, Python, or similar.
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently.

How to apply

To apply for this role, simply click the "Apply on employer site" button on this page to submit your application directly to Google. To start the application process, you will need an updated CV or resume and a current unofficial or official transcript in English (PDFs preferred). Please ensure your anticipated graduation dates (in MM/YY) and any proficiency in coding languages are listed on your resume.


  • careers.google.com
  • rework.withgoogle.com
  • panmore.com
  • us.prosple.com
  • comparably.com
  • youtube.com

Hiring criteria

You should have or be completing the following to apply for this opportunity.

Entry Pathway
Degree or Certificate
Minimum Level of Study
Doctorate (PhD) or higher
Study Field
Computer Science (all other)

Working rights

The opportunity is available to applicants in any of the following categories.

CitizenPermanent residentFull working rightsLimited working rightsNo working rights
United States

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