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Aurecon USA

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees
  • Engineering Consulting

What It Does: Aurecon USA engineers, manages, designs, plans, and proffers consulting services on an array of developmental projects. 

Mission: Through focus, clarity, and dedication to its goals, Aurecon aims to make the world a better place for its clients. 

Size and Presence: Aurecon currently employs around 7,500 employees in 36 locations worldwide. 

Best Known For: Aurecon boasts a long history of providing innovative solutions in its engineering and designs for project execution by creating an innovative culture.

The good bits: Flexibility, equity, and innovation are among the proudest qualities Aurecon provides to give its employees the best room to grow and develop professionally. 

The not-so-good bits: By working with a global company like Aurecon, employees have to dedicate long hours to work which could affect work/life balance. 

The Aurecon USA Story 

Aurecon has founded in 2009 thanks to a merger between African, Connell Wagner, and Ninham Shand which were all engineering firms at the time. African and Ninham Shand were African based while Connell Wagner was based in Australia. 

Following its inception in 2009, Aurecon has merged with several engineering consultancies including Daniel Chans and Associates in 2011 and AUP consultants in 2016. 

In 2019, the company demerged from its African partners in its effort to adapt to the changing market climate. 

To date, Aurecon has continued to strengthen its presence in other nations while remaining true to its culture of innovation. 

Culture and Vibes 

Aurecon's overall goal is to make its establishment a great place to work. Incorporating the right culture is principal to all that and ensures that Aurecon's branches worldwide are known for the same qualities. 

Aurecon supports a diverse workforce urged on by an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and every voice counts. 

All over the world, Aurecon functions with attributes that make them inquisitive, engaging, commercial, fearless, and willing to provide unconventional solutions. 

They also claim to foster collaboration and maintain discipline while they proffer solutions for multifaceted problems. 

The vibe at Aurecon is anything but conventional with employees enjoying the flexibility to innovate and remain their authentic selves. 

Recruitment Process 

Aurecon views employees and interns as co-collaborators and they treat the recruitment process that way. The entire recruitment process is designed as an introduction to employees about the experience the company promises. 

The first step for graduate and internship applicants in the recruitment process requires candidates to submit an academic transcript, a resume, and a cover letter. They give applicants the freedom to highlight their strong suit and extracurricular activities. 

Next, selected graduates and internship applicants are required to take an online assessment and share information about them via a video. 

Candidates are then passed through the recruitment pipeline to a screening process where recruiters choose talented graduates and internship applicants that are a cultural fit. 

Shortlisted graduates and interns are then invited to complete an on-site interview and assessments in the assessment centre. Through these sessions, applicants enjoy opportunities to express their experience levels and how well they’ll fit into the company. 

Finally, selected candidates are contacted with employment offers and boarded with a phone call from a recruiter. Employment at Aurecon opens graduates and interns with a rare opportunity to be part of an innovative, unconventional, and global. 

Career Prospects 

As graduates and interns at Aurecon, employees are exposed to a collaborative environment where candidates enjoy the flexibility to design their career paths. 

Aurecon also claims to provide mentorship connection, professional collaboration and given opportunities to work with peers on projects that resonate with them. 

They provide a graduate program that promotes a blend of formal, informal, and interactive learning sessions to give employees a well-rounded experience in how engineering in the real world works. 

Graduates at Aurecon partake in rotation programs that circle them around different departments every six months for two years where they learn every aspect of the company’s trade. 


Aurecon pays an annual average salary of around 123,427 per year with the highest pay being around $219,027 and the lowest at 46,872 annually. Interns at aurecon have a salary range of $51,000 - 54,000 per year. 


  • Maternity and Paternity leave 
  • Vacation and Paid Time Off
  • Sick leave 
  • Mentoring opportunities and coaching programs 
  • Financial support 
  • Referral pathways
  • Flexible work 
  • A compressed working week and remote working available
  • Continuation of superannuation payments while on parental leave 

Social Contributions 

Aurecon channels its social contribution efforts towards sustainability and ensures that the Sustainable Development Goals are reached. They make substantial contributions to fighting climate change and helping communities become liveable and improving their standards of living. 

They also model their company structure after ensuring sustainability and becoming a blueprint for a better future. Aurecon focuses its investment on areas of; good health and well-being, gender equality, and climate action. 


Aurecon among several things is popular for its merging and willingness to collaborate with several companies. These collaborations have led to some controversies in the past. 

One of these controversial mergers was with Adani Group with whom they had a long-standing relationship. 

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