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AstraZeneca USA

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

What AstraZeneca does: AstraZeneca uses bio-pharmaceutical methods to explore, innovate, and implement the production of effective medicine.

Mission: AstraZeneca’s mission is to channel science-led innovation to deliver positively transformative medicine. 

Size and Presence: AstraZeneca employs around 14,000 individuals in 9 locations throughout the United States. 

Best Known For: AstraZeneca is popular for its impressive collection of products for several conditions including its role in developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The good bits: AstraZeneca promotes a culture hinged on its inclusive and flexible environment making it a vibrant and happy place to work.

The not-so-good bits: AstraZeneca manages a large footprint as an international organization so there’s usually a lot going on at once.

AstraZeneca Story 

AstraZeneca has founded in 1999 thanks to a coalition between Swedish Astra AB and the British Zeneca group.

In 2005, the company entered into cancer treatment and biotechnology with its multimillion acquisition of KuDOS. This acquisition also premeditated their entrance into CAT, Arrow, and MedImmune medications. 

Further progress in the AstraZeneca group included their acquisition of the respiratory arm of Almirall in 2014. The company continues to grow to date employing over 83,000 people and has become a global force with a presence in up to 100 nations

Culture and Vibes 

At AstraZeneca, the people are the culture. They believe that by supporting their workers and helping them navigate their activities with principles of curiosity, putting patients first, entrepreneurial mindset, and a willingness to be the best. 

They claim to foster flexibility and support for their workers in the most effective ways allowing them to reach their full potential. 

Employees at AstraZeneca are vibrant and always reaching for the stars fueled by their curiosity. No two days are the same as every day presents an opportunity to be curious and creative. 

The atmosphere is generally fast-paced with a lot going on at once but it presents workers with a first-hand experience of meaningful collaboration and a passion to do better. 

Recruitment Process

Despite a reputation as a global pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca presents a rather straightforward hiring process for graduates and interns. 

Graduate and internship applicants are required to fill out a detailed application form detailing their key competencies and attach their resumes and cover letter. After submitting the applications, the HR department usually reaches out to applicants with acknowledgment mail. 

After filtering through graduate and intern application submissions, selected candidates are contacted for telephone interviews. The telephone interview focuses on evaluating candidates' competencies and tries to highlight candidates' level of experience. 

Following successful participation in the online interviews, graduate and internship applicants are invited to the assessment day. On the assessment day, applicants are provided with aptitude tests, presentations, and personal/group exercises. In the final aspect of the recruitment process, successful candidates are contacted by AstraZeneca with offers to fill vacant roles. 

Career Prospects 

In resonance with their culture of having their employees take center stage, AstraZeneca takes professional development seriously. 

They maintain a "growth mindset" among employees and reward workers looking to go the extra-mile career-wise. They claim to provide a coaching model that takes employees on a growth journey in the company. 

They also provide graduates and interns with incredible access to diverse knowledge through knowledge sharing. Through its digital enterprise platform, AstraZeneca promotes open dialogue and knowledge sharing across employees worldwide. 

By working in AstraZeneca, graduates and interns feel like a part of a global team and grow exponentially while being encouraged with each step they take.

Remuneration & Benefits

Entry-level employees at AstraZeneca earn around $104,525 while interns earn around $36,286 per year. 

  • Health insurance 
  • Health cash plan 
  • Critical illness cover 
  • Death in service 
  • Life insurance 

Social Contributions

AstraZeneca takes corporate social responsibility by implementing partnerships with non-profit organizations. 

They are also inclusive in tackling social responsibilities delivering over 20,000 in volunteering. AstraZeneca also offered around $76 million in 2020 to support sustainability in more than 80 countries. 

They also claim to work towards improving access to affordable healthcare and improving innovation among students. AstraZeneca also works in helping communities combat diseases and build sustainable healthcare systems.


The latest among controversies involving AstraZeneca is the suspension of its vaccine use in some countries. 

Following the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, AstraZeneca developed a vaccine for combating the spread of the virus. In countries like Italy, France, and Germany, there were complaints of blood clotting issues. 

Some countries suspended the vaccine use while others placed its use on a precautionary basis.

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