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American Express USA

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees
  • Banking & Financial Services

What it does: American Express is a globally integrated payments company and provides customers with access to products and services required for their daily lives and building businesses. 

Mission: The company works with a vision to ‘provide the world’s best customer experience every day. It aims to provide differentiated products and services to help people achieve their dreams. 

Size and presence: American Express has over 60,000 colleagues and as of December 31, 2019, the company had 114.4 million cards in force out of which 54.7 million cards were in the United States itself. 

Best known for: American Express is best known for its Green, Gold, and Platinum charge cards as it is a leading issuer of personal, small business, and corporate credit cards. The company’s offerings include traveller’s checks, credit cards, tour packages, corporate and personal travel planning services, and agencies for hotel and car-rental reservations. 

The good bits: American Express has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for and the company believes in work and life balance. It means that the employees get to work in a diverse culture and personal and professional growth. 

The not-so-good bits: The company provides a good work-life balance and the leaders are supportive, the employees are expected to give their best and work with complete focus. There may be pressure to meet deadlines sometimes and they want every person to stay up-to-date. 

American Express Story 

American Express Company (Amex) is an American multinational corporation that specializes in payment card services. It was founded in 1850 and the company’s logo is a gladiator or centurion. Henry Wells, William G. Fargo, and John Butterfield merged their companies to form American Express. 

It started as a freight forwarding company for transporting packages, valuables, and other goods. However, things changed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when it introduced new financial products and travel services. These products and services were meant to support people’s everyday lives. The company came up with a charge card in the 1950s and offered a new way to pay. 

By 1862, American Express had 890 offices and over 1,500 employees working for the company. Today, it is one of the leading global payments networks offering a wide range of products and services across the globe.   

Culture & vibe 

American Express is known to have diverse and inclusive teams and also back employees with proper training and programs. The work environment is quite good as the company provides a work-life balance. The company has a lot of training programs to keep colleagues on the right track and help with their career growth. It has a diverse culture where people from different nations work together. 

The company believes in investing in underrepresented talent through training programs and supporting women and the LGBTQ+ community. They also provide a multi-faceted mentorship program to help employees work in a multicultural environment and encourage open conversations.

Recruitment Process 

The hiring process at American Express is quite simple and transparent. It consists of applications, interviews, internships, and all recruitment experiences. 

Let’s get this straight… 

Application: Candidates are required to send an application telling about themselves, skills, qualifications, experiences and reason behind joining the company. 
Written Test: There will be a written test where the first session is all about coding. 
Interview: Once the candidate is finished with the written test, the deserving ones will be called for an interview that consists of a technical and HR round. 

Those clearing the interviews successfully will be called for further recruitment procedures and formalities before getting the offer letter. 

Career prospects 

American Express has employed a lot of people and its Colleague Networks have provided opportunities to support both personal and professional development. These organizations help in creating an inclusive culture and currently, there are 14 Colleague Networks with more than 100 chapters across the world. 

Depending on the role and complexity of the job, employees can choose from flexible working schedules including onsite, hybrid, and virtual. The main career areas include customer service, sales & relationship management, technology, product marketing, finance, analytics & risk management, travel & lifestyle customer service, and corporate functions. 

The company provides opportunities to all people without regard to race, religion, colour, sexual orientation, sex, gender, veteran status, national origin, age, or abilities. 


The employees of American Express get satisfactory salaries along with many perks and benefits. The average salary ranges from approximately $35000 per year for support specialists to $170000 per year for a brand manager. 


Here’s what to expect while being a part of American Express…

  • Flexible work schedules 
  • Real-time coaching & feedback
  • On-demand learning modules
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance 
  • Disability benefits 
  • Access to on-site Healthy Living Wellness Centers 
  • Counselling services 
  • Incentive awards
  • Childcare and in-home care 

Social contributions 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consist of 17 goals and 169 targets to address the world’s most complex problems. It includes ending poverty, reducing inequality, achieving gender equality, managing climate change, protecting the planet, achieving food security, and ensuring sustainable prosperity for all.

American Express contributes to a low-carbon future and works to protect the environment. Since 2015, the company is working towards saving the environment through a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.

As per the company, the priority areas include customers, communities, and colleagues while operating responsibly and encouraging sustainability. The management tries to manage the environmental impact due to the company’s operations. 


Just like other big names out there, American Express has experienced its share of controversies. The company was investigated by Federal regulators on business card sales practices specifically targeting business owners.

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