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What it does: the supermarket is committed to offering the lowest possible grocery rates in the market. The main products it offers include household essentials, pet goods, baby items, dairy & eggs, fresh produce, fresh meat & seafood, frozen foods, bakery & bread, snacks, pantry essentials, breakfast & cereals, beverages, alcohol, personal care, and other groceries. 

Mission: ‘to continually set standards for food retailing and to further expand the market position of the ALDI North Group.’ 

Size and presence: ALDI is a discounted retailer with a global presence and has more than 6,520 stores across the world and employs over 155,000 people. 

Best known for: carrying a lot of fresh food, produce, and meat at affordable rates. Also, it is known for making a big push on organic and having a phenomenal line of organic food. 

The good bits: ALDI has stores in different countries and employs people from different locations, backgrounds, and skills. For students, starting a career with such a popular and fast-growing supermarket can be a good decision. Moreover, it offers job opportunities in different ways which mean there is something for everyone. 

The not-so-good bits: Working with a supermarket may feel stagnant as many tasks are repetitive. However, supermarkets give different responsibilities to employees around the store to combat this problem and also alter their job duties. 

ALDI Story 

ALD is the common company brand name of two German multinational family-owned discount supermarket chains. The chain was founded in 1946 by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht and the business was split into two separate groups in 1960 named Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. However, they introduced the name Aldi in 1962. 

Aldi’s German operations consist of Aldi Nord’s 35 individual regional companies having around 2,500 stores. On the other hand, Aldi Sud has 32 regional companies with 1,900 stores in western and southern Germany. Internationally, Aldi Nord has stores in France, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and the Benelux countries.

Aldi Sud operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, China, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. Aldi’s subsidiaries and joint ventures include Aldi Talk, Aldi Alcohol, and Diskont.  

Culture & Vibe 

ALDI’s work culture is based on empowering all employees to achieve remarkable things and improve as an individual and as a team. It encourages all employees to work together for the customers and community. The supermarket expects its employees to follow three core values: consistency, simplicity, and responsibility. 

The work culture at ALDI is based on four components including leadership, responsibility, communication, and teamwork. The main objective is to create a culture with exceptional leaders and motivated teams. Also, it gives every employee the ability to make decisions and foster a collaborative environment. 

Recruitment Process 

Here’s what to expect from ALDI’s hiring process…

  • It starts with submitting an online application by providing all the necessary details. 
  • Candidates can expect a response to their application within two weeks. 
  • The selected applicants will be scheduled for a telephonic or in-person interview. 
  • Candidates will be called for interview(s) with a store manager or district manager. 
  • If selected, the candidate will be provided with a job offer. 
  • After receiving a job offer, the candidate will be required to complete onboarding requirements online including pre-employment screenings, paperwork, etc. 

Careers Prospects

ALDI is growing everywhere by opening stores in different countries and offering plenty of employment opportunities. It has recently created 25,000 new opportunities for everyone from staff and managers to warehouse workers. It is one of the fastest-growing retailers and is on its way to becoming the third-largest grocery retailer in the U.S. by the end of 2022. 

Candidates can look for career prospects in store management & staff, warehouse & distribution, district managers, office, information technology, and internships. It provides leadership training programs for students who want to gain hands-on experience. 

There are seven major roles in ALDI stores including part-time stocker, part-time cashier, store associate, lead store associate, assistant store manager, store manager trainee, and store manager. 


The average estimated annual salary of ALDI employees in the United States is $133,647 which includes base and bonus. However, the average estimated median salary is $132,512, or $63 per hour. The highest-paid job at the supermarket is a Business Development Manager who gets around $282,434 annually while the lowest-paid is a Receptionist who gets around $37,876 per year. 


  • Group Health Coverage 
  • Retirement Savings Plan 
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Training Programs
  • Sales and Productivity Bonuses 
  • Online Financial Wellness Program 
  • Access to Great Offers and Deals 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Prescriptions 
  • Cigna Virtual Care 
  • Preventive Health Services 
  • Cigna Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies

Social Contributions 

Aldi takes the responsibility of being responsible for communities, society, and the environment. It focuses on five key areas: customers, supply chain, people, community, and the environment. As a part of this commitment, Aldi looks to offer healthier options to its customers and also works to improve everyday favourite items.

For suppliers, it works to ensure they employ safe and fair working conditions and are committed to human rights and fair labour practices. For employees, it conducts surveys on a regular basis to solicit their opinions to improve the work environment. For communities, Aldi believes in providing much-needed resources as well as career opportunities. 

Aldi also contributes to the environment by focusing on practices that protect the environment such as recycling or reusing materials, avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, and more. 


Aldi is no different when it comes to controversies and one of the recent ones is when customers criticized the supermarket for not offering fresh produce. Some Aldi shoppers claimed the store for not being up to their standards. Most of the complaints were regarding the produce section where one can find readily available fresh fruits and vegetables. The customers complained that the fresh produce items just don’t hold up for very long. 

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