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Aecom USA

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees
  • Construction & Property Services
  • Engineering Consulting

What Aecom does: Aecom applies next-level engineering feats with perfect execution to plan, design, engineer, and develop a wide array of infrastructural solutions.

Mission: Through its engineering solutions, Aecom aims to improve the quality of life, create opportunities, and sustain nature.

Size and Presence: Aecom boasts a workforce of around 51,000 employees in 90 offices throughout the United States. 

Best Known For: Aecom is among the largest companies in the United States with a pedigree in exceptional infrastructural developments and innovation for several exciting projects around the globe.

The good bits: As a global leader in all aspects of construction, employees at Aecom are open to several exciting projects and collaboration with exceptional technicians.

The not-so-good bits: Due to the wide array of available construction projects, employees generally have to cope with little work/life balance.

The Aecom Story 

Over three decades ago, Aecom was formed to provide transformational sustainability through its construction projects. Aecom represents the first letters in the words; Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Management. 

Since its onset, the company has continued collaboration with several companies growing in number to more than 50. The company became traded in public markets in 2007. 

Seven years after it became public, the company participated in a profitable collaboration with URS to increase its revenue, value, and workforce. In 2015, the company was listed as “the most admired” by Fortune. 

Currently, Aecom is among the most valuable companies in the globe with its willing innovation evident in every structure it develops. It currently employs over 100,000 employees in 150 countries. Aecom is a leader in industries like - facilities, transformation, energy, skyscrapers, government infrastructure, and oil and gas.

Culture and Vibes

Aecom places its employees at the heart of its endeavor and works through a culture that promotes the welfare of its employees and fosters their growth. 

They focus on the well-being of their employees in five major aspects - physical, social, mental, emotional, and the planet. By catering to their employee welfare through an inclusive and friendly environment they record success, a vibrant environment, and a happy workforce. 

At AECOM, the vibe is fast-paced yet enjoyable and competitive yet friendly gearing employees towards eagerness in completing exciting and sustainable projects.

Recruitment Process

At AECOM, the recruitment process is just as important as every other process in the institution as it helps them sustain their work culture. There are three steps in hiring graduates and interns for roles in the institution. 

The first step in the hiring process requires graduate and intern candidates to complete an online registration where they provide background information about themselves. Online registration also allows applicants to submit relevant documents. 

Graduate and intern applicants selected from the online registration are assessed with a situational judgment test. This step places candidates in AECOM's hypothetical situations to observe their approach to situations.

Finally, graduate and internship candidates are invited for technical or on-site assessment with tailored instructions on the assessment details for each applicant. 

The hiring process at Aecom could be lengthy but is crucial in helping the company sustain its culture while giving employees first-hand exposure to how Aecom operates.

Career Prospects 

AECOM maintains its employee-centric approach to career development. They aim to foster opportunities for their employees to develop skills that progress their careers. 

Chief among their career development programs is the Graduate Development Program with over 800 multidisciplinary graduates. As a part of this program, the company provides an induction program to help candidates choose their best-suiting career path. This program also provides graduates and interns with access to live projects with industry-leading clients. 

Aecom also follows the career development of employees through the Graduate Development Program with management development programs. 

There are also talent programs within the company that take high-achieving graduates under their wing for networking opportunities. This program also provides graduates and interns with tailored projects to hone their capabilities. 

In career progression, Aecom maintains its stand in giving its employees the best chance as they follow, grow, and develop graduates and interns at every step of their careers.

Remuneration & Benefits

Entry-level pay for graduates at Aecom is around $82,151 annually while interns earn about $44,577 annually.

  • Bi-annual salary while on GDP 
  • 25 days annual leave along with public holidays 
  • Opportunity to buy or sell holidays
  • 2 paid corporate social value days per year 
  • Private medical insurance 
  • Childcare vouchers 
  • Gym membership discounts 
  • Life assurance and income protection for permanent staff 
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Eye care vouchers 

Social Contributions 

Aecom extends its culture and purpose to upholding a positive role in communities where they function. They translate their role in corporate responsibility by creating opportunities and ensuring sustainable communities. 

Aecom partners with diverse organizations to track the growth of communities and support their transition in their approach to improving the quality of life. Aecom collaborates with brands like CareerTrackers, Engineers Without Borders USA, Water for People, and Crash Charity


In 2020, a case was drawn against Aecom for falsely producing claims regarding the restoration of hurricane-affected facilities to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

Over $300 million was paid to Aecom for over 15 years to support FEMA's resolution for disaster relief. Although all these are allegations supported by the WhistleBlower Act nothing is certain about the case yet.

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